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The One-Minutes

Welcome to the captivating universe of our 60-second short film festival, where agility turns into art and brevity into power. In this fascinating event, one-minute shorts not only embody the essence of immediacy, rapidly capturing the core of our society, but also serve as the key to captivating and retaining new audiences.

Imagine being able to tell a story in just one minute. That's what we celebrate in this festival: creativity, ingenuity, and originality in each short film. Born out of the need to boost independent cinema and new forms of audiovisual expression, this event aims to give a voice to everyone, regardless of their level of experience in the film world.

These 60-second pieces convey powerful and exciting stories, maintaining the allure of longer shorts but with a unique accessibility, especially for young minds seeking dynamic and brief experiences. The charm of these shorts unfolds perfectly on digital platforms and social networks, turning them into effective tools for conveying messages, promoting ideas, and sparking discussions.

In our festival, there are no limits to creativity. The only limit is the duration, and large budgets are not needed to create a quality 1-minute short film. We want to provide an opportunity for those who want to make films but sometimes feel constrained by duration and resources. So, we invite you to participate, whether you are a film expert or have never made a movie before.

All stories are welcome in this unparalleled visual feast! Don't think twice, record your one-minute short film and send it to us. We want to see your creativity and originality in every frame. Join us in being part of this festival that celebrates the art of telling short stories!

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